EasyBet Sports Betting Guide

Online sports betting is thrilling. It takes being a sports fan to a new dimension. You can place sports bets easily at Intertops and other excellent sports betting sites. Sports betting online is a game of skill and can be very rewarding for the astute bettor. There is a wide range of sporting action throughout the world so you can place bets any time of the day. Welcome to the new age of sports online betting and welcome to our EasyBet Sports Betting Guide. We’ll help you with all the information you need to make sound sports bets.

Take Your Pick of the Best

Although people have been betting on the outcome of sporting events for centuries, the digital age has increased demands exponentially for sports betting opportunities. The demand increases every year. Land based casinos and betting venues still enjoy a big share of the sports betting market but online sports betting sites, such as our favorite site, Intertops, have taken a massive share of the market.



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Online sportsbooks offer the convenience of being able to bet online from your home computer or your mobile device. Especially today, when bettors like to follow the action in real time and often make in-game bets, online sites have a clear advantage over land based venues.

Interestingly, there are major differences among the many online sports betting sites. So, let’s continue with a rundown of things to expect from a top class online sports betting site.

What to Look For In a Sports Book

Are you looking for a wide variety of sports or for expertise in a few favorites? Are you looking for special comps and bonuses to increase your bank roll or is the payout time a major factor in your choice of site? Actually, the best answer is “all of the above”. That’s one reason why we like Intertops so much - they excel in everything we look for in an Sports Book. But there are many other very good sports betting sites online - so check them all out.

Here are a variety of salient points that you need to consider.

1. Licensing and regulation from a recognized and credible authority. If any online sports betting site gets flagged, we will alert you in our reports.

2. Security. This includes both secure financial transactions but also the privacy of your personal information. We make sure that the sites use the best encryption software and update their software whenever newer and better encryption comes on the market.

3. Banking. Real money sports betting involves making financial transactions online. Excellence in banking at betting sites begins with banking options that suit every different bettor’s needs. We report on the banking convenience offered by the sites. Banking should be as user-friendly as betting. We also research and report on payout methods. These involve payout speed and withdrawal limits if there are any.

4. Betting Limits and differ among the many sportsbooks, in direct proportion to the size of the sportsbook. Smaller sportsbooks cannot risk a big loss so they allow only smaller bets. Ironically, some sports bettors prefer betting at a smaller sportsbook because it gives them some extra protection from placing a bet that may be too big for their personal financial situation.

5. We evaluate the odds or returns on offer per site and per type of sport or event. The sportsbooks set the odds well before the match or event and then alter the odds based on the type of bet and how the public is betting on the event. In this way, the odds can differ considerably from site to site on the same game or event. This variance can have a big influence on any profit you might make from a successful bet.

6. Bonuses & Promotions really do vary from site to site. Most good sportsbooks offer an initial sign up bonus. This gives you some free money. The size of the welcome bonuses can differ quite a bit. In addition, there is a range of comp point promotions at online sportsbooks. Sportsbooks use a kind of in-house vernacular for the various other bonuses they offer. We explain the meaning of such esoteric terms as reload, discounts, back on losses, accumulator, and parlay bonuses.

7. Software powers a sports betting site and assures the twin requirements of attractive design and intuitive navigation. Top software provides excellent live streaming, In-Play betting, optimized mobile applications and more.

8. Sportsbooks should offer a wide range of sports. This should reflect the universality of sports and their international nature. At good online sportsbooks it also reflects local and amateur sports.

9. Depth of information provided by a sportsbooks is extremely important for bettors looking to make the soundest, best considered wagers. Information covers a gamut from statistics, game and team histories, live scores, sports news, blogs and industry updates.

10. Customer Service should always be easily accessible, available on a 24/7/365 basis, reliable, and offered in a number of formats. Since sports betting is international, every reputable sportsbook should keep its customer service office open even on its parent country’s national or religious holidays.

EasyBet Casino Tips for Successful Sportsbook Betting

  • Shop around for the highest returns. If a sportsbook offers a great deal or an excellent promotion, we advise using that site, at least for a while to get the most of their offer of free money.
  • Understand the numbers and odds formats as they differ from American and European sites.
  • Get the up-to-date facts and background on teams and their matchups.
  • Cleverly interpret all available data so you can make informed choices.
  • Avoid placing bets based on guesswork or hunches
  • Always find the best balance between a team’s or player’s historical performance with dispassionate analysis of present conditions.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely.
  • Keep cool under pressure. Even the best sports bettors win fractionally more often than they lose. In poker terms, we all experience ”bad beats”. Getting overly emotional often results in poor judgment going into the next bet.
  • Understand the many different betting options and which options fit which sports best.
  • Take bonuses as often as possible. Bonuses are free betting money so take advantage of as many bonus offers as you can.

So there you go, the choices and options for online sports betting have never been better, more thrilling or more available. Good luck and most of all have fun!