Placing a Bet is Very British

The love of sports is very much a part of the UK cultural scene; rich in history, sporting myths and legends, tribal affiliations, abiding folk customs and entertaining social interaction.

Never is this truer than the British love of placing a bet on a sporting event or game outcome.

Many of the top UK betting brands have been in business for several decades developing strong online sports betting reputations for reliability, quality products and excellent customer service. Add into the mix a high level of regulation and strong sporting markets and you have a recipe for sports betting online success.

UK betting sites place a primary focus on sports online popular in Great Britain, Ireland and Europe. These include soccer, cricket, rugby and tennis. However, in recent years, UK betting brands have also dramatically improved their coverage of North American major league sports, including American football, baseball, basketball and hockey, providing both betting lines and news and feature coverage of hot US sports play.

Online Sports books deliver on a comprehensive range of betting lines such as point spreads, three-way betting lines and money lines, available for all major sports, as well as props wagering and futures betting on major events and team sports.

Side bets (betting on extra time, yellow cards, red cards, etc.) are incredibly popular with customers and represent a way for fans to engage with their sport.

Outstanding online sportsbooks deliver on a wide range of live games online streaming so that a punter can track the action as it unfolds in real time.

An outstanding feature of top Sportsbook entertainment is the delivery of up-to-date sporting news together with stats, histories and opinions, thus making sports betting more than just a guess. It is informed entertainment that carries through so well from the high street and onto online and mobile.

The Top Online Sports in the UK

We took a look at what the UK punter enjoys in sports oinline betting:


Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in the UK. This game follows the traditional league system and it consists of more than hundred teams. The well-known English premier league consists of the most elite 20 teams of world renowned fame. Bettors also love the opportunity to wager on top European games covering the European Championships and Europa Leagues with exciting accumulator offers. Match Live graphics and alerts cover all the key action such as corners, free kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins, as well as indicating which team has possession and where they are on the pitch.


Cricket actually first began in the UK, and now it has spread to hundreds of countries all over the world. There are more than 20 major cricket clubs in the UK and there are also thousands of UK cricket teams. The first class country championship of UK is the oldest cricket championship in the world and each year many teams play in this first class championship with a tremendous and loyal following of knowledable supporters. International cricket  series’ take place on a regular basis around the world and throughout the year, with none so famous as the mythical Australian - England battle of the Ashes. 


Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the UK splitting into two types of Rugby; Rugby League and Rugby Union. Although there are many similarities between the two variants of the game, the differences are enough that they can be considered to be two different games. In Rugby League, each side has 13 active players, and 10 substitutions are allowed during the course of the game whilst in Rugby Union, each side has 15 active players, and 7 substitutions are allowed by each side during the course of the day. In the UK, Rugby League is more popular in the north of England, whereas Rugby Union is more popular in the South. This fact reflects the historic socio-economic factors of each game type development and history. Punters can enjoy Super League, Six Nations, Super Rugby, NRL and so much more.


The most popular global tennis tournament, originating in the U.K is the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships in 1877. Wimbledon is now one of the four grand slams which also consists of the Australian Open tennis tournament, the US Open tennis tournament, and the French Open tennis tournament. There are exciting punting opportunities to enjoy In-Play betting as you follow each play point with aces, double faults and much more.


Boxing and betting have gone hand-in-hand for many years and is pretty straight forward in regards to the wagering. Odds are given on each boxers name fighting for a particular match and title.

On boxing bets, your fighter must win the fight or you lose your wager. If the fight is declared a draw, bets on both fighters are declared losers and the bookmakers, as well as any bettors who wagered on the draw, are extremely happy.

There are also option to bet on in-game outcomes such as the number of rounds played, win by a knockout or stoppage, who will make the first hit and so on.

In past years the connection between boxing and betting was considered a little sleazy and the line between legit and illegal somewhat hazy. Today’s sportsbook wouldn’t risk their reputations on anything other than top flight clean bets which makes the top boxing matches so attractive to the savvy punter.

Finally …

A roundup of UK favorites in the punting world wouldn’t be complete without a most honorable mention of the horseracing world. Most good sportsbooks in the UK online business offer separate racing books or at least sizable chunks of horse racing odds for the lovers of the green turf. Horse racing news and tips is eagerly followed by the savvy punter.

Latterly cycling has become an increasingly popular sport, reflecting British successes in both Olympic events and the Grand European tours,notably the Tour De France. Most good Sports books feature considerable space to cycling events and news.

It may be 51 years since England last won the Soccer World Cup but there is many a UK punter placing a hopefull bet that 2018 will be their year! It’s all about the sport of placing a well thought out wager that gets the adrenaline rushing.