Online sports betting is all the rage. People from all over the world are looking to sports betting to add a little pizzazz to their love affair with sports. It doesn’t really matter if you just like to watch sports or if you also play regularly. The point is that, increasingly, people are looking to sports to be the area they wish to concentrate their gambling activity on.

Asking the Correct Questions

This page will answer two very important questions about online sports online betting.

  • Which sports can I bet on?
  • Which sports should I bet on?

Obviously, these are two very different questions. We’ll answer the first based on the sports and non-sports that Intertops, our favorite sportsbook online, offers for sports bettors. There are many reputable sportsbooks online but we felt that we had to concentrate on a single online betting sportsbook. The second question is far more subjective so our answer will be more general, not specific to any single site.

Which Sports Can I Bet On?

Intertops offers betting on a large number of sports. They divide them on their homepage as primary and secondary sports. This designation is purely technical since one bettor's secondary sport is another bettor's greatest sporting love! Below is only a partial list of the games available, as the list is virtually, endless.


If you click on soccer, you get a very long list of matches on which you can bet online. There are matches from many different countries and leagues. This is very good since, if soccer (football) is your favorite sport, you probably follow many of the leagues covered at the Intertops sportsbook.

Two Popular Variations of “Football”

The list of secondary sports is quite extensive. It is headed by American and Aussie rules football. If you have never become a fan of either of these football variations, you can do so through your favorite sportsbook. American football has a unique set of bets that are perfectly suited to it. Aussie rules football is a very exciting game to watch and place bets on.


Baseball runs from late March to early October and then the playoffs begin. The most interesting aspect of baseball is that during the season there are dozens of games every day. In addition to the games in the two major leagues, there are numerous minor leagues and baseball is wildly popular in Japan, South Korea, Cuba, all over the Caribbean basin, and Venezuela.

Baseball is so similar whether it’s at the top league level or the lowest league level and whether it’s being played in North America or Japan. Baseball is the favorite sport of many bettors.


Tennis is a huge betting sport. With dozens of tournaments and literally hundreds of matches (women's, mens, junior, doubles, etc) there is always betting action to get in on. While many sports have their "season," tennis continues with a full slate of matches year round.


The most important matches in cricket are called "tests". They are played between national teams. Sometimes the matches are between countries that are not on the best terms such as India and Pakistan. Try as they might, players and fans have a hard time separating nationalistic politics from sport.


Volleyball is a big time sport at American colleges, especially in women's sports. Volleyball is still an under-rated sport as many people don't fully appreciate the eye-hand coordination needed to excel at the sport. Beach volleyball is also very popular whwerver there are beaches.


Handball is also played internationally between national teams. There isn't the nationalistic fervor in handball that obtains in cricket or football. But the excitement of Handball wagerers is no less feverish.


In boxing, two men or women try to knock the stuffings out of each other. In this sport, you need to know the weight class of the combatants and their most recent performance. Under boxing, you might find kick boxing and mixed martial arts, both of which have become much-followed sports.

Motor sports

There are quite a few internationally known car races. The Grand Prix is a tournament of races that travels from country to country. The attraction of the Grand Prix races is that they follow real roads along which crowds can gather to watch the cars zoom past. Motor sports also include NASCAR and Indy car racing, motorcross, and other motorcycle forms of racing.


Sportsbooks also take bets on non-sports events and file them under sports for convenience. If you already know who will be elected President of the United States in 2020, you can place your bet now. Sportsbooks take bets on political contests in many countries and at all levels of politics. For example, in the United States, the election this year (2018) will concentrate on state-wide races and on the US Congress. The presidential fireworks won’t come until 2020.

There is a large number of bets you can make on awards ceremonies, whether there will be snow on the ground for Christmas, and many other esoteric events.

Intertops also takes bets on the US stock market. Other sportsbooks cover many of the world’s many other stock exchanges.

Which Sports Should I Bet On?

As we said, this is a very subjective question. In short, it depends! But there are a few points we can make as we try to answer the question.

  • Begin by betting on the sport you know the best. Even at that, you don’t follow every league, or every team within a league, or every player. So…
  • Begin by betting on the team or teams you know the best. Some bettors find it very hard to bet against their favorite team even when they know that the team is not very good this year. In that case, bet on another team you can follow more dispassionately. This leads to…
  • Learn to be as unemotional about sports betting as you possibly can be. Once you have made a reasoned bet, you can scream and shout as much as you like but the process leading up to the bet should be calm, impartial, and well-reasoned.
  • Learn as much as you can about any sport you want to bet on. Even if you have followed a sport all your life, there is still a lot to learn. Sports are great because they cannot be scripted as the famous American movie director Spike Lee has said.
  • It’s fun to learn about a new sport. It’s also fun to discover nuances that you had never thought about in your favorite sport.
  • You never have to place a bet! If you aren’t sure about a match, you can always sit it out! This is a very important lesson for all sports bettors to learn.