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Punter have been placing bets on the outcome of sporting events since the beginning of history. Who will win the fight, which horse will head the pack, who can shoot an arrow longer, faster and hit the target.

We all love sports and frankly it is just as exciting to watch and guess the outcome as it is to break a sweat and actually take part!

In the last hundred years or so it was the bookmaker or high street bookies that took the punters bets, made the odds and added the exciting element of sports betting into the lives of the man in the street.

The excitement wasn’t only the opportunity to win on your stake, but the actual interaction, pre-event discussions, enthusiastic arguments, reading up on previous histories and stats plus, of course, the game action itself, which made the whole experience fun, social and occasionally profitable!

In recent years, with the advent of online gambling and the expansion of outstanding online bookies - the online Sportsbook, the experience has changed somewhat; becoming even more accessible, certainly faster and just as entertaining.

The top online Sportsbooks provide opportunities and sporting markets that truly encompass the world. You can now access multiple betting opportunities from the comfort of your own home or even on the go via a mobile device.

The Sporting events that you can enjoy, learn about and place a bet on are endless.

Now a guy from Van Nuys, California can read all about the latest European Soccer matches, get savvy and then place his bet both before and during a match. He can watch the game play out on live streaming via his Sportsbook of choice and expand his sporting action globally.

A punter from England can now watch with interest all that is new in the NFL and place his stakes on a bevy of different game scenarios with  full knowledge of the gameplay and historical stats and possible outcomes.

Sportsbooks have made the world smaller, more intimate and also more knowledgeable, enbracing cultural sporting differences.

When EasyBet reviews the expanse of Sportsbook options available, we take into account a wide list of variables and important features, so that you can go ahead a use the site with peace of mind. The purpose of our recommendations are to help bettors orient themselves in the world of online sportsbooks and give you the tools to select a trustworthy website that suits your betting needs.

Key Pointers When Choosing your Sportsbook

Our reviewers look closely at the following:

  • Functionality & site software design
  • Security & licensing
  • Banking and payment options
  • Variety of sports markets
  • Customer service
  • Variety & type of betting options
  • Fair and competitive odds
  • Speed of payout processing
  • Promotions & bonuses
  • Live streaming
  • In-Play betting options
  • News, blogs and pre- events analysis
  • Stats and historical overviews

We rate each of these essential components and features, so that your ultimate Sports betting experience will be safe, exciting and comprehensive.

With EasyBet assistance your online sports betting will add a new and exciting dimension to your love affair with sports.