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Why Sports Betting?

Everybody loves sports. We love to play. We love to watch. We love to talk about sports. And more than ever, people love to bet on sports. At EasyBet, our philosophy is that sports betting should be as much fun as playing or watching the sport. What fun we had playing our favorite games when we were young! Sports betting at its best brings out the kid in us even as it makes us get serious about analyzing upcoming events.

EasyBet covers all the major sports at both the professional and amateur levels. So, in addition to betting on the sport you know best, you’ll be able to follow many other sports on your way to becoming expert enough in them to bet on them as well.

How do I Place a Bet?

Each sport lends itself to a different type of betting. American football bettors, for example, bet primarily on the spread or the over/under. If you are not familiar with these terms don’t worry. We explain all the sports betting terms as they affect the different sports.

Some sports have several variations within them. In the father of all betting sports, horse racing, we find racing on dirt or turf, races of various lengths, different age groups for the horses, and thoroughbred or harness racing. The configuration of the track in horse racing is extremely important as well. Our favourite sports betting site - Intertops covers all this ground and much more – and we’ll prepare you for putting your money where your mouth is.

As similar as rugby and American football are, there are also major differences. As similar as cricket and baseball are, there are also major differences. And although British, Spanish, German, and Italian football all follow the same rules, there are major differences in the styles each country brings to the game.

Some sports are purely team sports. These sports rely on the unique synergy between different types of players. In games like rugby, basketball, hockey, and football, teamwork is the most important factor in the ultimate outcome of games. Although teamwork is also important in baseball and cricket, individual performance within the team concept is more important in these sports.

We also guide you through the differences between pre-game and in-game betting. All of the factors that go into analyzing a match pre-game apply during the game as well. However, during the game, factors like sudden injuries, bad weather, or simply unexpected good or bad play may change how we expect the match to proceed.

EasyBet is not a bookmaker. Intertops and many others are bookmakers. They set the odds in each sport and for each match and the odds may change in-game. EasyBet helps you analyze changes as the game is already going on.

What if I'm Not into Sports?

Sports betting covers much more than team sports. There are the purely individual sports like tennis, golf, car racing and even chess.

Sports betting sites are now taking bets on non-sport “contests” as well. You can bet on state and national lotteries as if you were in that locality, win millions in a Powerball and more. Then there are bets taken on things such as political elections, awards ceremonies, and will the stock market close up or down this week?

Just about everything under the sun. Will there be snow on Christmas this year? When will the newest royal couple have their first "little one"? What color dress will the First Lady wear to the July 4 celebrations at the White House? You name it, you can find a sports betting site accepting your wager on it.

This is what makes Sports Betting so much fun - for everyone!

Basic Starter Rules

And to get you started, here are EasyBet’s top ten “rules” for successful sports betting - follow these and you're off to a fun (and safe) start:

  • Bet on a sport you know well. We can all learn about another sport but, to start, stick with the old tried and true.
  • Bet on a team you know well. This might be your team. Feel free to bet against them if they aren’t playing well. There are simply too many sports and too many teams to keep track of them all.
  • Pay close attention to all the small stuff. In the area of sports betting, we need to be aware of the small stuff.
  • Don’t rely on just one source of information. Are we shooting ourselves in the foot? Not at all! We provide excellent and comprehensive information but we can’t be everywhere all the time. So, we invite you to use our expertise in conjunction with others’.
  • Understand the different types of bets that apply to the different sports.
  • Understand the value of statistics. Baseball, for example, is rife with statistics while football is not. However, statistics are gaining ground in those sports that never used them before like football and hockey.
  • Understand the vital differences between fundamental and technical analysis as they apply to sports betting.
  • Learn to avoid using betting systems. As the famous movie director Spike Lee once said: “Sports can’t be scripted.”
  • Learn to be unemotional when betting on sports. If you can’t bring yourself to bet against your favorite team, don’t. Better to make no bet than a foolish bet. And to root for your team as strongly as you can!
  • Have fun! If at any time you feel that sports betting is no longer fun, stop betting and get back to the original purpose of sports: controlled physical competition on a playing field.

We hope you’ll make EasyBet your go-to online site for all the information you need about sports betting. We won’t disappoint!