Review Highlights

  • Global outreach
  • No commissions on prizes
  • Reliable and secure
  • Valuable loyalty & VIP program
  • Wide range of Lotteries and Syndicates

WinTrillions tries to help you do just that - win a ton of money on a lottery platform.  Hosting lotteries from all over the world, choose the lottery you'd like to win, choose your numbers, and wait for the results to come in.

WinTrillions Lottery Review

Founded in 2005, WinTrillions offers one of the broadest online lottery services in the industry.

It is a subscription-based website, through which you can buy syndicated membership to a large number of top global lotteries. The site acts as a middleman between the customer and the lottery provider. It provides options for participation in most major lotteries, around the world, regardless of where you live.

Since its establishment it has grown rapidly and today attracts players from over 140 countries and in nine different languages. Anyone from around the world is eligible to purchase syndicate memberships from WinTrillions, including United States residents and citizens.

It offers access to over 22 of the most popular global licensed lotteries, plus the chance to participate in Syndicates and even a variety of international Millionaire Raffles.

You could become a millionaire with big money rollovers without even leaving your house!

Bonuses and Promotions

There are regular promotions and special daily deals with lucrative discounts. Many of the top lotteries are on offer with up to a 10% discount and you’ll earn yourself a bunch of loyalty points too.

A nice extra promotional deal is the Refer-a-Friend program offering free play on USA Mega Million for you or your friend.

Beyond the wide range of games they also offer a good VIP program.  For every lottery order, syndicate or Millionaire Raffle you play via WinTrillions, you will earn VIP Loyalty Points. The more VIP Loyalty Points you have, the more you get back in incentives for a real wallet booster.

Check out the WinTrillions Members Club that is tailor-made for lotto lovers. The club that offers unique, personalized benefits and exclusive access to top games. The mobility is according to your activity and you’ll be able to move from Gold tier through to, Diamond, Platinum and ultimately reach the lofty Titanium. It’s a nice set up and certainly upgrades customer playing experience and buying power.


On WinTrillions you can play lottery games, lottery syndicates, and millionaire raffles. A few of the most popular options from around the world are:

  • France Lotto                                                 
  • Florida Lottery
  • Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva                       
  • New York Lottery
  • Canada’s 649 Lotto                                        
  • US Mega Millions
  • US Powerball                                                
  • Europe’s Euro millions
  • UK National Lotto                                           
  • California’s Super lotto
  • Brazil’s Mega Sena                                        
  • Max Lotto
  • Australia’s Powerball                                       
  • Oz Lotto

Software and Security

WinTrillions is licensed by the Government of Curacao and is powered by their own custom software. The company is owned by Triangulum, NV.

All site transactions are 100% secure and protected by industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption.

They have a zero commission policy, the price of the subscription is the only charge with no hidden overheads.

WinTrillions has a wide range of deposit methods (including Bitcoin) and offers various play options, including single and syndicate play.

The purchase process itself is also simple and secure. Before confirming your order, you will see a clear summary of exactly what tickets or syndicate shares you have chosen and how many shares you are purchasing.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive immediate electronic confirmation on the website and via email. They also offer a scanned copy of your ticket with your name on it. This definitely does provide confidence on who owns the lottery ticket!

They guarantee that all prize money will be paid to lawful winners. Lottery winners will receive 100% of the value of the prize. Syndicated prizes are divided equally according to the number of shares in the chosen syndicate, with no deductions or additional fees. A win of up to $600 is immediately sent on to you. If you win a bigger prize, they assist you in claiming it.

They also promise a 100% money back guarantee on your first purchase if you are unhappy. Which is fair enough.

You can access WinTrillions anywhere, either via your browser or on the Mobile App. The App has a nice flow and is easy to use with all the information at your fingertips. The website is easily navigated and provides plenty of information.

Customer Support

Support services are efficient and friendly. Important to note that the Live Chat option is only available during USA business hours. The email option is always available and response time is excellent. The site offers a comprehensive FAQs.


WinTrillions is a safe and respected way to play international lottery games. It makes playing the world's biggest lotteries very simple and user friendly.

This site has an attractive and professional feel. Information is easy to access and the games are all internationally-renowned lotteries. So you don’t have to limit yourself to one national lottery when there’s a whole world of choices out there!