Fair Outcomes with Regulated Software

The lottery mechanism should guarantee fair and transparent results, avoiding any risks of corruption.

In addition, the importance of licensing and regulation for each individual lottery, national draw or scratch card providing website is of paramount important when picking what to play and where to place you bet.

Check that all lotteries featured on any site are operated by the very best online lottery software providers and are regulated and licensed by the governments of their respective countries.

Secure and Safe Software

Look for the lock! Websites that are secure have a small symbol of a padlock prominently displayed to the left of the URL in your browser..  

Playing through a SSL-protected site is a minimum requirement for all online game play. This way you know that your personal information is safe. If you don’t see that symbol of safety and security, hit the back button and find another online lottery site.

Ensure that the website provides full contact details and all of their site information is transparent and easy to find.

If the site is asking for a fee to process your winnings this could indicate a scam. No genuine lottery agent or betting would ask you to pay before they give you a prize.

Are You a Lotto Winner?

Here’s a timely warning. Always check winning online lottery tickets yourself.

Automated emails, SMS messaging and other type of results updates are great, but at the end of the day, check your own results.

Finally a Few Lottery Playing Tips

Pick your game, keeping in mind that the games with huge jackpots are really hard to win. A smaller, less know game, can sometimes be far more valuable.

You don't have to play every draw. More entries in less draws gives you better odds.

Playing in a group can be more fun, and you can afford a lot more tickets. That's why syndicates win more often.

Keep having fun, when playing the lottery is no longer enjoyable then stop! The best software powered site in the world can’t replace the enjoyable buzz and anticipation that playing in a lottery can provide. When that has gone, find a new hobby!