Review Highlights

  • Buy official lottery tickets online.
  • Up to $30 Bonus on your first purchase.
  • The bigger your deposit, the higher your bonus.
  • Lotería de Navidad: The biggest lotto event of the year.
  • Winnings are yours 100% — no commissions taken.

Play the biggest and most exciting lottery games in the world easily and conveniently on your computer or mobile device.

Lottosend Lottery Review

Lottosend provides its customers with a safe, reliable and comfortable way to play official lottery games from around the world including the unique and amazing Lotería de Navidad. It also provides some great bonuses that begin with your first deposit and continue for as long as you keep playing.  Read our Easy Bet review here for all the low-down.

Bonuses and Promotions

Lottosend gets you started off right with a 100% Cashback First Purchase Bonus up to $30. Deposit $30 and you’ll have $60 to play lottos with; or deposit $70 and play the lottos with $100.

The Lottosend bonuses don’t stop there. Not by a long shot. Every deposit into your Lotto Send account earns you another bonus, and the more you deposit, the bigger the bonus. A $50 deposit gets you a 10% bonus; $100 gets you 15%; $150 gets you 20%; and a $200 deposit gets you a very nice 25% Lottosend bonus. That means more money for you to play the lotteries with, and that, in turn, means more chances to win a jackpot.

And how about this one? Deposit $150 and receive a one-month Mega Millions subscription for free? It could turn out to be the most valuable free gift of your life.


Lottosend promotes itself as a concierge service for remote and secure online lottery ticket purchase. It provides a comfortable and convenient way to purchase tickets to a dozen official lottery games from around Europe, Australia, and the United States, and they are all available in Single Game, Group Game, and Subscription formats.

Single Game means you pick the lottery you want to play and you pick the numbers. Lotto Send will go and buy your ticket, send you a scan as proof, and keep the original in a safe place until the draw, when it will check the results and credit your winnings to your personal account.

In a Group Game, you get to purchase shares in a pre-purchased bundle of tickets. There could be a bundle of 70 MegaMillions tickets divided into 50 shares for purchase.

With a Subscription, you are automatically entered in every draw of your chosen lottery until you decide to cancel. You’ll never have to worry about missing a draw – and missing your jackpot – because you were sick or travailing or just plain forgot. And to make it even better, you get big discounts when you buy monthly subscriptions at Lottosend.

One particular Lottosend game that you should know about is the Lotería de Navidad. The famous Spanish Christmas Lottery has been held once a year – a few days before Christmas – every year continuously since 1812. It has a total prize pool of an unbelievable €2.38 billion and amazingly good odds of winning a top prize. And you can join in the fun when you buy a share at Lottosend.

Software and Security

Lottosend is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of its customers. It accomplishes this by using multiple layers of security and by using 128-bit SSL encryption technology on all pages containing personal or financial data. Every page in the Lottosend website displays the trusted Comodo Secure symbol, so you know you can feel confident and secure here.

And when you win with Lottosend, 100 percent of the winnings are yours. The only fee that Lotto Send charges is the initial service fee that is added to the price of your lottery ticket. That’s all. They take no commission or percentage of your winnings or any other fee of any kind.

Customer Service

The Lottosend Accounts & Support team is available to answer all your inquiries and to assist you in finding the very best offers. They are available 7 days a week: by phone and chat during regular business hours GMT, and by email at all times. Team members can communicate with you in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, and Bulgarian among others, so you’ll always feel that you are at home and among friends with Lottosend support.


One of the top innovations of the twenty-first century is that we can now play whatever lottery we want without having to travel around the world to buy tickets. Lottosend provides one of the best avenues for purchasing worldwide lottery tickets. It is highly recommended.