Online Lotteries

With the technology of the internet, it is now possible to play lottery games from any country without having to leave your home!

It is estimated that around 25% of all lottery tickets are bought online today and the market is mushrooming and flourishing.

This is in no small part due to the many new, exciting and lucrative lottery games that are available from various countries across the globe.

These games often deliver higher odds of winning than the well-known and local lotteries. Many offer a range of different and developing formats, some have multiple ways to win.

The great part is that you can play these various lotteries online without having to travel to the country of origin to play.

Taking part is legal, fun, easy and you can be a winner!

So, playing your favorite lottery online is more accessible now than ever and fully optimized for a range of devices.

Take a look at our quick online lottery guides for some valuable lowdown.

There are primarily 2 ways you can play lotteries online.

  • Via a lottery online ticket agent. These online agencies will purchase tickets on your behalf via agents across the globe. Following purchase they will scan and send you your ticket copy and then act as the payment funnel or lottery representative if you score a win.
  • The other way you can play online lotteries is by using a betting site. Unlike lottery ticket agents, lottery betting sites do not purchase the ticket you ordered. Instead, the online lottery betting site is insured so that if you win a huge jackpot, they will be able to pay your winnings.

How to Win Online Lotteries

Playing the lottery is the ultimate luck factor game, but there are important components and strategies that will ensure that you are functioning within an equal playing field and knowing what steps can increase your winning chances.

Safety First

  • Ensure that the site is safe and secure with a fully regulated operating license
  • Check out security protocols and levels of personal and financial data encryption
  • Read all terms and conditions carefully, especially regarding payment of winnings, annuities, commissions etc
  • Check out that any lottery betting site is fully insured to cover all payment eventualities
  • Read player reviews

Playing Strategies

  • Spread your ticket purchases across several lotteries
  • Purchase more than one ticket per lottery
  • Play numbers over 31 or use Quick Picks
  • Join a lottery syndicate, or pool your resources with friends or colleagues
  • Double Check your results, sometimes there are multiple ways to win
  • Play the smaller lotteries or even play scratch cards
  • Set a budget and stick to it 

Which Online Lotteries to Play?

We took a close look at the lottery and online casino sites out there and came up with a few top recommendations that won’t set you up to fail.

TheLotter - A Lottery Ticket Agent

  • Established and reputable online lottery ticket agent
  • Access to over 52 global lotteries
  • Easy to use
  • Good support services
  • Multiple payment options
  • Available on IOS and Android mobile platforms

WinTrillions – A Lottery Ticket Agent

  • Access to over 22 of the most popular global licensed lotteries
  • Top Syndication options and a variety of international Millionaire Raffles.
  • No commissions on prizes
  • Reliable and secure
  • Valuable loyalty & VIP program

Lottoland – A Lottery Betting Agent

  • Secure & internationally licensed operation
  • Multiple secure depositing options
  • Fully insured to cover any winnings
  • Full range of International Lotteries
  • Excellent customer support 


There is a whole brave new world online with multiple lottery options that you can play from the comfort of your own home.

There are draws and jackpots taking place every day of the week and throughout the year, so that your options are both broad and deep. Do a little homework and see what’s hot out there.

The choice of whether you use a direct Lottery agent to procure your tickets or to play via one of the multiple betting agents is a matter of personal choice. Either way, ensure that you are using a genuinely safe operator with an established reputation and don’t overplay your budget.

This will promise you a fantastic lot of fun, plenty of thrills and hopefully more than a little good luck