Lottery Agents

Lottery agents are players’ gateways to official lotteries around the world.

These lottery agent websites are, essentially, middlemen, they purchase lottery tickets on your behalf.

They perform a simple function that powers most online lottery sites and enables you to participate in an enormous selection global lotteries from around the world.

Lottery agents usually have representative offices scattered all over the globe. They buy the actual lottery tickets on your behalf.

A reliable online agent will then scan the purchased ticket and sent a copy to you by email.

Meanwhile they keep the original ticket and will act as a go between with the lottery organizers.

Generally the rule of thumb is that small winnings are paid out to you directly by the agent, but in general the big prizes will need the winner to personally collect their check. No complaints there we think!

Some lottery agent sites offer ticket prices at a slightly higher expense, because they need to cover the costs of purchasing the actual tickets, scanning them, and storing them for safekeeping.

Lottery Agents Bonuses

We took a look at some of the top Lottery Agent websites around and found two that are particularly good and offer generous discounts and bonus incentives. We feel that both of these sites offer representative types of bonuses that can be found at other locations, when shopping around for the site of your choice. They fit criteria of being both a safe pair of hands and good value.


This hassle free and highly regarded lottery agent site offers 53 options of international lottery play including 23 world syndicates.

Thelotter offer several special offers, as first time player bonuses, when purchasing a subscription or even for referring a friend to their site.

Some of the bonuses are in actual free cash for purchase of tickets or lines, or via earning loyalty points.

thelotter VIP Club is open to anyone that purchases a ticket worth at least US$1. Each one dollar purchase translates to 1 VIP point, and the more points you rack up, the higher you climb up the VIP level hierarchy, which, in turn, gives you deeper and bigger discounts.

Discounts (or bonus play) on the Lotter can range from 2.5% all the way up to 20%, dependent upon your activity.

In addition the site offers pretty good ongoing discounts and bonus lines on a range of lottery options via their bundles offer. Bundles combine either your personal draw choices or those of any group or syndicate that pool resources for larger chunks and greater odds of lottery play.


This is a most reputable online Lottery agency that offers a really wide range of top international lotteries and draws.

They incentivize both new and experienced players with a wide range of bonuses and discounts.

They kick off with a bonus offer of Buy One Ticket, Get the Second Free and keep up the momentum with an Invite a friend special that will give you a cash bonus for every friend that actively joins the site.

LottoAgent will also include good discounts if you commit to a subscription that reserves your participation in several draws. For example you can receive every 10th ticket free.

Lottery Betting Sites

Lottery betting sites simply allow you to bet on the outcome of lottery games or official draws.

In terms of choosing the type of lottery, the line and the numbers, lotto betting is similar to agency play, but you are not buying an actual lottery ticket in an official draw.

Any money you win is paid out by the betting site and not the official lottery operator. The site operates an insurance model which means that each lottery bet made is insured for payment and replicated in prize payout structure.

The deals on these sites can be diverse and they can offer a vast array of different bonuses on your play. 

Lottery Betting Site Bonuses

These sites can offer broader and more varied types of bonuses because they are operating within a casino like gaming operation.

We found two examples that we liked and trusted, but there are a wide range of options out there to check out.


This a top site for all types of lottery betting. The site includes a full portfolio, with a wide range of global lotteries, Scratch Cards, Keno Play, plus a host of casino games and slots.

As a betting site they have enormous freedom to offer souped deals to give you more value on your bank roll.

They offer your first time lottery bet for free. To follow up you can expect to find on a variety of free line bets or two line bets for the price of one.

Lottoland players are able to benefit from the Double Jackpot feature, giving each player the chance to go for twice the normal EuroMillions jackpot. This is just one of a range of special bonus features reflected in other draws and lotteries.

They also dish out free cash to add to your punts, when a referred friend becomes active on their site.

LottoLand always encourage regular and consistent play and offer very good terms on their subscriptions, with topped up lines or increased bet sizes.

This popular site offers a really extensive array of global lottery betting services. excels in exciting raffle prizes and a host of other interactive games.

They have innovatively created the Jackpot Club, a loyalty boosting arena that ensures that your play and consistent lottery activity is rewarded with incentives and bonuses.

As a member of the Jackpot club, you will receive benefits and rewards to make sure you not only feel special, but also receive the VIP treatment.

At, players can buy syndicate shares in a variety of lotteries at hugely discounted and competitive prices. So we think that this site ensures that you get good value for your betting investment.


Whether you choose to play lottery draws via an agency or via a betting site is a matter of personal preference.

Both types of websites have their pros and cons, but what is always an interesting additional point of interest are the type and quality of discounted play on offer at each site.

We say that it is worthwhile to shop around and find the best fit for you.

Would you prefer a good sign up offer with a free bet or line of play? A subscription discount, if you would like to try your hand for an ongoing period of time?

There are also other deals to be had for free cash or extra play lines for purchases bundles of draws or for activating a friend.

There is for sure, a combo out there that will suit your wallet and offer best value. Good luck!