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Lotteries are the most popular form of gambling in the world. Picking up a national lottery ticket from your local outlet is accepted as an exciting extra for many people who would not consider themselves as gamblers.

The best and most staggeringly big payouts are usually from national lotteries which add a level of real kudos to the ticket purchase. After all the proceeds also go towards good causes.

The advent of online lottery sites and the availability of lottery play within a casino online has added to the access of ease for many, no need to go out in the rain to buy your ticket and you can now play the gambit of international lotteries for a wide choice of winning opportunities. Online play also adds into the mix a wide variety of lottery style games, scratch card alternatives, plus the gambit of mini and interesting online draws.

There are three ways a customer can play their lottery of choice, or even mix and match a whole bundle of lottery play; purchase actual tickets via a third party agent site, place a bet on the outcome of a lottery draw via a casino online or play online lottery style games such as Keno or scratch cards.

The legality, small print and hidden pitfalls are obvious and when playing online lotteries you want to be absolutely sure that everything is above board and transparent.

The EasyBet Guide to Online Lottery Play

We take care to research in fine detail every Lottery Agent site and Lottery betting site in order to ensure that they are the best and most trustworthy options.

What are the EasyBet criteria that ensure an online lottery site makes the grade?

Fairness & Security – site regulatory licensing, secure data encryption and independently audited

Fine Lottery Operators – lottery options that are legal, legitimate and where relevant, allow for international, multi-state participation

Ticket Acquisition – third party purchases through recognized agents who provide copies and details of tickets purchased

Betting on Results – ensuring that online lottery betting sites are fully insured for payouts & winning lines

Payouts & Prizes – we check the small print for percentage of actual win payout & follow up services

Banking & Payments – sites provide secure & wide ranging depositing methods and secure, fast payments

Customer Support – Ongoing customer service that is easily accessible, knowledgeable, quick to provide full disclosure and answers

Range of Lotteries – international, local, little lottos and diverse selection of lottery style games

Bonuses, Promotions and free lines – which are the best boosters available, offering value for money, free play and can increase your winning opportunities

Lottery Quick Pick Options – the best options for traditional lottery play but line numbers are generated by RNG

Lottery Syndicates – wide range of options for multiple shared line play, either through existing syndications or the creation of personalized local groups 


New types of online lottery games are popping up more and more frequently and played with increasing popularity. The basic options are to play Lotto draws, Little Lottos, Daily Draws, Multi-State Games, and Instant win games.

The results can be rewarding, but the need to keep your eyes open for the real deal rather than scammers is very obvious.

Whether you prefer to buy actual lottery tickets or simply place a bet on the outcome of a draw is up to you and the odds you wish set into motion.

The bottom line is only play with our EasyBet Picks for peace of mind.  Good luck for that lottery online windfall!