Online Casino vs Land-based Casinos

Which is better, playing online casino games or land based games? You might as well ask which is better, tea or coffee. Both are great, both have their fans, and preference depends on what you value and your taste.

Excitement vs Convenience

Without a doubt a visit to a real casino floor is exciting, filled with noise, social interaction and nonstop action. The size and scale of land-based casinos can be truly spectacular, and it is hard to top this kind of atmosphere with any alternative based on the internet. It is possible to visit a hot casino spot like Las Vegas and have an incredible experience without even having to gamble.

The best of the land based casino offer up a heady mix of entertainment, opulence and the opportunity to see the white of the eyes of your opponent or other players.

When playing in a land based casino floor you can get the tactile feeling of a machine or game that a computer or mobile device just cannot offer. It is a great opportunity to dress up and make a whole spectacular social affair with cocktails, a great meal, personal attention, plus a wide variety of stakes and free rolls. The prestige of the land-based casino is something to experience and savor.

On the other hand nothing can beat the sheer convenience of playing your game of choice anytime, anywhere and even in your pajamas. You can relax on your own sofa or favorite chair and play the games of your choice; and the choice of online games is spectacular!

Going to a land based casino involves travel and preparation, which can be both a plus and minus. It can be great to leave your known routine and grab the special Vegas-style experience and sometimes, when it is cold and rainy, just how wonderful is that internet connection!

With online slots, you never have to worry about finding a seat. You've always got a seat – and it's always your favorite seat!

Regulation and Security

With the onset of new legislation and gambling jurisdictions, and introduction of stringent licensing that prevent scams and money laundering, the sleazy side of the old gambling industry seems to have been successfully halted. Today’s gambler can be assured of tight regulation and independent auditing, whether it be a land based casino or online.

It is your responsibility, as a player worth your salt to check out the “paperwork” of any establishment that will take your stake. The checks are easily made and there is never a reason not to play in a safe, secure and transparent environment.

Playing Your Games of Choice

In game choice, without a shadow of a doubt, the online casino comes up trumps. A great online site can offer up an amazing gambit of playing options with High-Tec delivery, 3D graphics and realistic sounds. The choices of slots play, tables play, bingo, lottery and sports betting is unrivalled and in no way can be beaten by even the most prolific land based casino. You don’t have to search the casino floor, looking up and down aisles to find the games you really like. You can just scroll through selection of available games at the touch of the screen.

In fact the average, classy bricks and mortar casino often only offers a specific selection of games for which they have the expertise and tradition.

Although many land based casinos do offer free roll games for practice, especially in Poker play, the stress and social pressure at a real table can be over whelming, especially to a new player.

Many feel pressurized to up their stakes far more than initially intended due to peer pressure. On the other hand playing online will let you learn a game, pace yourself and hopefully stop when you have reached your limit. Additionally playing online enables placing a wager for very small stakes, whereas generally a land based casino will prefer higher stakes to keep up the interest and sense of excitement.

Regarding payouts of wins, the land based casino comes out in front; your wins are yours the moment you decide to cash in your chips from a slots win or tables hit.

The timing of online payments are dependent upon individual casino policies, often leaving wins in a pending period with an option to reverse the winnings for up to 48 hours. Of course online payments also take longer, dependent upon which method you prefer for the transactions.

Bonuses Galore

Another big plus that contributes to the success of the online casino are the bonuses and promotions handed out just for signing up or as rewards for ongoing play. Online casinos sweeten the deal by rewarding players just for signing up. Virtually every reputable casino online will offer players a welcome bonus, whether it is free credits upon deposit or free spins for online slots.

Online casinos want to increase their community of members and are dedicated to doing so with promotional benefits that should both delight and engage. The allure and reputation of the land-based casino are something special, but the wallet savvy player will typically find more value in joining an online casino for immediate bonuses and bank roll boosters.

The land based casino does reward play with complementary drinks and meals, many also generously sweeten a player with real prizes such as holidays and goods. A high roller may also enjoy a personal host and other indulgent benefits, but wallet boosting bonuses, generally are the specialty of the online site.

In Conclusion

Land-based casinos stand out for their history, atmosphere, and overall entertainment factor. The online casino wins out hand down for convenience, playing boosters and choice of games.

At the end of the day, both picks are enormously good fun and deliver completely different experiences that shouldn’t be compared.

We say enjoy both! When looking for an overall entertainment experience that includes more than just a game, for sure go bricks and mortar and when looking for value for money and ease of access go online.