Mobile Casinos - On the Road and Away You Go!

The mobile technology available for online casinos has optimized the gaming experience on your hand held mobile device, making it both accessible and extremely enjoyable. Improvements in 3G and 4G technology deliver high quality, consistent play to mobile devices globally. The Random Number Generator is actually activated on the host server that you are connected to and not on your mobile device. This means that your game play is always accurately recorded and reflects true, real time results and is not affected by temporary fluctuations in your Wifi or mobile connections. Today’s know-how allows you to crossover your play from your PC to a mobile casino app and vice versa instantly and easily whilst hitting some real money gambling.

What Separates the Good  Mobile Casino from the Mediocre?

When you want to play at a mobile casino, look for characteristics of reliability, speed of connection, security, variety of games, premium offers and ease of access.

We've got some EasyBet Mobile Casino tips to help you out when searching for a good mobile casino for you:

  • Check out the software that supports the mobile casino and if it is served  by a leading mobile software provider, such as - Microgaming, Playtech, 888 software or Net Entertainment. These mobile software industry experts deliver systems that really shine with topnotch technology, reliability, excellent user experience and a feel good flow and interface. Don’t settle for second rate.
  • Be sure that the mobile casino has a high security profile, is fully licensed and has 3rd party monitoring.
  • Look into the site encryption for secure financial transactions.
  • Identify if the site supports your favorite virtual banking method or offers multiple secure alternatives.
  • Confirm that the mobile casino supports your currency and language.
  • Read the mobile casino reviews you can find online from multiple sources.
  • Establish that the mobile casino offers a large variety of games that can be played on the go, together with a wide range of mobile casino bonuses and other gaming incentives.

To get started on your mobile device you’ll only need to register at the mobile casino of your choice and click on the provided download link or scan a QR code. A QR code is a machine readable code that consists of an array of black and white squares allowing an instant download of the mobile casino to your phone or tablet.

Make certain that you are downloading the compatible operating system for your device.

Once you have downloaded the casino, then you’ll have access to the games library.  You can then go ahead and pick your game – it will quickly download. You’ll need to do this for every new game selected, but only one time per game.  

When playing in a mobile casino you will have access to many features including full customer support, loyalty program and promotional page.

Mobile Casino Apps

There are a multitude of mobile casino apps out there suited to just about every operating system.  It is definitely worth choosing a native app that has been specially developed for use on a particular platform or device. This ensures that the app interacts and optimizes the inbuilt system features and other software installed on that platform.

You can find stand-alone apps that connect from Facebook and other social media sites, from Android or iPhone that offer the full online mobile gaming experience.

Most of the top mobile casinos have their own official app which offers a safe and secure experience and can be accessed directly from their main domain web site.

Once you’ve picked out an app you can get a feel for its look, feel and flow. Don’t forget to ensure that there is plenty of choice and variety of games, that the payment options are secure and that the benefits and bonuses are first rate.

In most good apps the navigation from screen to screen is easy and finding the games you like to play, making a deposit, checking out bonuses or making a withdrawal is an uncomplicated and smooth process.

In many apps you can begin with practice play until you are ready to make your real money deposit. Then it really is just a matter of making your game selection and start playing.

So there you have it, mobile play is safe, enjoyable and a great way to have casino access literally in the palm of your hand!