Casino Slots Guide - Spins, Reels and Wins

Sure you do! So do millions of other players, which is why slots online play is the most popular form of gambling both in land based and online casinos.

Today, there are a multitude of options for online slots players, whether you prefer to play on your desktop, laptop computers, or mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

The basic slots game remains the same where ever you choose to play; reels are set into motion when the spin button is pushed and these are multiplied by three or more columns to create a grid of symbols which organize into predetermined pay lines for a win. The resulting random spin of reels meet in a winning combination of symbols.

The enormous benefit of online slots play is that a site gathers all the different genres of slots, features, bet limits and jackpots in one place. This means you can simply scroll through the collections and find the type of slot that suits your taste, temperament and bankroll.

Slot game traits, design, animation techniques and themes differ between game software developers and should ignite your imagination. Your choice of where to play is also influenced by which game publisher powers an online site, so take a trip through the world of slots and pick your play and style. 

Classic Slots

Online casinos offer a wide variety of the classic 3 reel slots known for their simplicity and nostalgic look and feel. You can take your pick of a multitude of classic slot machines including traditional one armed bandit lookalikes with fruity symbols, bells, bars and diamonds lining up on the reeled pay lines.

The 3 reel slots offer limited pay lines, usually no more than five per game.  Individual games will add interest with a host of bonus features and bonus slots free spins that can boost your play, raise your odds and determine your wins.

New Wave Slots

5-reel slots are the most common type of slot game and reflect increasing game play complexity and sophistication, with enormous range of themes, visuals and sounds.

5-reel slots include anywhere from nine to 300 pay lines as well as, in selected games, a 243 Ways to Win or more feature that eliminates the pay lines entirely, in favor of numerous pay ways.

Video Slots are a technological evolvement of 5 reel slots. They are graphically rich and sleek, reflecting a new wave of hi-tech, HD gaming immersed in a lush virtual world, encompassing a multitude of themes, characters and virtuosity.

The latest gaming software has developed breathtaking designs and sounds to engage and excite the senses. If you want an action-packed game that moves quickly, the 5 reel video slots are for you. The visual effects on the 5 reel slots are engaging, dynamic and complex. You can try out slots that boast off the wall 3D graphics, sensational sounds and quirky features. 

Selected 5 reel games offer a range of additional fun bonus features in which scatter symbols stack, explode or expand to boost winning options. You can enjoy free bonus slots spin rounds together with multiplier and gamble features which are part of certain 5 reel slot options, these up the game play ante and excitement. 

Progressive Jackpots

Online Progressive slots play boasts exceptional advantages in comparison with land-based casinos - inter-linked progressive jackpots.

In a land-based casino there are progressive slot machines which contribute to the same jackpot pool. However, such jackpots are limited to that casino and that casino only.

In the online gambling world, on the other hand, these jackpots can be linked across dozens of online casinos or casino groups and the potential reward could be life changing. The choices for playing wide area progressive games online are extensive and can add a fresh and exciting dimension to your online slots experience.

As each new player links into a game and adds his bet, so the progressive jackpot grows. The most popular jackpot play is reflected in the Mega Moolah group of games, which consistently reach breathtaking height in winning pots.

There are a plethora of progressive slots games to be found, yes the odds are longer, but the rewards are greater and the play is exciting.

Free Play Slots

Another really cool option playing online slots is the fact you can spin slots for free. You don't have to deposit real money right off the bat; you can actually try out a game for fun in a demo mode and see if you two are a good fit.

Game developers will let you play a host of games using free money until you feel the pull to try out real money options. Once you know the ropes and feel ready, you can go ahead and play for Real Money using the multitude of secure online banking options at your disposal.

Gaming developers will give a starting balance per game of anywhere from 1000 up to 1 million in credits. The credits are usually good for one session of gaming. 

Should you run out of credits, simply refresh the game and the balance will be replenished to the starting amount.  These are full feature games which means that the bonus rounds and other special bonus features found in the real money version of the game are also available in the free game editions. 

In addition you can play slots fun casino games that are the same type of slots games you will find at the best real money online casinos.  The one difference is that the games can be played without ever making a real money wager.  

You’ll find online plenty of opportunities for top free slots in a host of free to play apps and online sites, usually connected to social media sites. These sites give you virtual currency to play and your wins are virtual as well. All the thrills but with no financial risk or gain.

The choice of how to play is always yours, just be aware of the type of set up you are with and what exactly is on offer.


Online gaming is all about the entertainment value and excitement and playing online slots is a fast and fun way to enjoy your recreational time.

The basic play is so simple yet engaging and the simpler the game mechanics, the better the odds gaining a win at slots play!

New slots games are being developed regularly so don’t get stuck in your ways and try out something new.