How do Progressive Slots Work?

Progressive slots games are played like any ordinary slot in every way, the same principles and game play. In a regular slot machine the payout for the jackpot is a fixed amount based on the pay table for that particular game.

The progressive slots online game differs because it has a grand prize or payout that increases incrementally as players play the game. The games take a small percentage of each bet placed to fuel up the progressive slots jackpot. This means that the machines are banked or linked. Every machine banked contributes to the jackpot. There’s no limit, the jackpot just keeps on getting bigger and bigger until one lucky player hits the winning combination and rolls in the entire cash prize.

One feature that is shared by all progressive slots is the Jackpot Meter, which reflects the current prize value. The Meter is always large, colorful and positioned at the top of the slots game so that you’ll be able to keep tabs on the jackpot progress.

You can literally see the jackpot growing before your eyes as each player adds to the prize pot which only adds to the sense of excitement and anticipation.

Not all progressive games are the same, there are actually three different types of progressive slots.

  • The Stand Alone Progressive

The standalone progressive machine is not linked to any other machines. Instead of having a fixed top jackpot it takes a percentage of the coins played and adds that to the award for the highest winning combination.

In most cases, the payback is equal to the other machines of that denomination but it just distributed differently to give you a varying amount for the top prize. The progressive jackpots for the stand alone machines are much lower than the ones from machines that are linked together.

  • The In- House Or Proprietary Progressive

These progressive games are a group of machines linked together and owned and operated by a specific casino or across a casino group, if the gaming company owns more than one casino. The jackpots may not be the multi-million variety but they can be quite a substantial win in some casinos. They generally hit more often that the big wide area progressives.

  • The Wide Area Progressive

These are the machines that offer the life-changing jackpots. The machines are linked together from many unrelated casinos. They encompass the widest and largest platform of collective bankable machines. It is a good move to try out these kind of progressives if you are looking to really try for the maximum pot of gold.

The Best Online Progressive Slots Play Out There!

There are several top mega online progressives slots that are for sure worth a go and also offer good game play.

The biggest of them all, and the most well know, is the Microgaming Mega Moolah, which consistently offers multimillion dollar pots. The game has a fun African theme, with 25 pay lines. All wagers are variable to ensure everyone can play and still be eligible for the progressive jackpot. There are free spins available with an x3 multiplier attached and these are triggered by the Wild Lion scatter features.

Another top paying progressive, also from Microgaming, is the themed movie franchise slot, The Dark Knight, with a mega jackpot and very popular slots action. The game play delivers plenty of winning combinations with stacked wilds, free spins and scatters.

Finally, a current top jackpot is the fun game Jackpot Giant from Playtech. The great slot takes you back into the Stone Age but delivers on a very modern jackpot and high powered game play, with 5- reels, 50 pay lines and a host of exciting features.


Every online progressive slot game will have its own rules on how to play and win the game.

The general rule of thumb is that you must bet the maximum amount and load up the lines in order to be eligible to win the big prize.

Without a doubt, learning the game rules before you start playing can prevent a lot of disappointment and frustration later on.

So before you go ahead and put down your money, figure out an idea of the pay structure of the game and the stakes involved.

Frankly, your best strategy for winning a progressive and beating the odds involves a pretty good bank roll. Power play is the name of the game, just remember to keep within your budget and know your limits.

Good Luck!