Know Your Way Around The World Of Online Bingo

Since around the late 1990s the opportunity to experience Bingo game play from the comfort of your own home, online, has proven both exciting and liberating.

Online bingo is quite simply the traditional game of bingo, but played online, virtually.

Online bingo is a convenient and comfortable way of playing your favorite game without leaving home, as all you need in order to play, is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

This means you can play whenever, and wherever you like, without abiding to scheduled times and places of the land based bingo halls.

Most top online bingo sites, or online casinos have a parade of distinct bingo rooms offering different game types, and these are usually listed with the game play information next to them.

In a standard online bingo room, you will find a set of bingo tickets, an option to purchase them, an area that states the prizes up for grabs, a friendly chat room, and a grid of rows and columns. This is where called bingo balls sit after they have been released.

Once you have created an account at the site of your choice and deposited the bankroll that you wish to use, you are then able to select the amount of tickets you wish to buy and purchase them.

Players looking to play bingo online will be able to find an array of gaming sites on the internet that offer the latest bingo games plus the familiar well-loved bingo interaction.

The best online bingo sites are known for their great bingo communities, exciting bingo promotions and generous bingo welcome bonuses.

Many top bingo sites even offer bingo play for free so that you can try a site before you buy in with real money stakes.

Types Of Online Bingo Game Play

There are many types of bingo, but the main three types to be found online are 90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo.

In the 90 ball variety, there are usually three rounds to this game; one line, 2 lines, and full house. A one line prize is when a player marks off one horizontal line, the 2 line prize is given when a bingo player completes two full horizontal lines, and the full house prize is given when a player eliminates all numbers on a bingo ticket.

75 ball bingo is another bingo game type that originated from the USA. It is now incredibly popular with online bingo sites. The game is really straight forward, you are given a pattern, these range from letters of the alphabet, numbers, heart shapes and the coverall; a game that requires the covering of all of the numbers. The player who completes the pattern on their bingo ticket first is the bingo winner.

80 ball bingo is also widely played within the online bingo industry. There are four vertical columns of four numbers, with each column having its own color; red, blue, yellow and white. Sometimes, an 80 ball game is played with one round (completing an entire board) but it is also played in columns and lines, a lot like 90 ball bingo.

How To Win At Online Bingo

Ah the 64,000 dollar question, so how do you up your odds for a Bingo win? We are constantly asked this question and offer up a wry smile because, frankly, it is impossible to predict bingo numbers, and there's no skill factor against other players like in poker games.

Nevertheless, you can still increase your chances of winning at bingo by selecting your games carefully, buying more bingo cards and selecting the right cards. At the end of the day is all about managing your bank roll and the number of competitors in the online games.

Play in games with fewer competitors. The less competitors, the more chances you have to win, simple as that. Try to find out which online games draw less people.

Join in with the Bingo chat rooms and listen and learn. There is so much insider info out there and lots of advice to be had on the best card series and packages to try out.

Take full advantage of any great online bingo bonuses on offer. Top Bingo sites and online casinos will offer not only sign up comps but also ongoing deposit matches, reload bonuses, free games and double up packages. Savvy use of comps will increase your bingo power play and give you an added advantage.

In Conclusion

The competition between online Bingo sites and online casino sites with a Bingo portal is enormous. New sites and Bingo action is popping up on a frequent basis and the choices are wide and deep.

When searching out good Bingo play we recommend a few savvy moves.

Check out the licensing and validity of a site. If it looks dodgy then it probably is!

Read reviews and go into Bingo chat rooms. The lowdown from fellow Bingo lovers regarding good sites and the shaky ones moves quickly online. Literally there is nowhere to hide for a lousy site.

Take into account which sites offer bank roll boosters and use them! Why not? So long as you know the conditions under which a bonus is delivered, then comps are great extras.

Understand the different types of games on offer and the accompanying game play rules. It’s worth taking the time to play for free for a while to get the feel of a site and the Bingo platform.

Once your feel ready go ahead and have fun, manage your bankroll and we know that a prize or two will be coming your way!

Stay online with us and our ongoing Bingo Guides and we’ll keep you not only informed of innovations in the Bingo World, but what is cool and what is not ...