super bonus bingo

Super Bonus Bingo Review

Super Bonus Bingo by Microgaming puts a new twist on the classic lottery style game of bingo. Super Bonus Bingo is a fun game that combines luck and strategy within a tight bingo lookalike setting.

The Keno style gameplay is fast and furious and the potential for a good win is excitingly possible.

The opportunities to play a beautifully optimized mobile version is up and running, so that you can be too! Microgaming always go the extra mile to offer up gorgeous games and here is another one for fun, thrills and instant wins!

Super Bonus Bingo Category

Super Bonus Bingo is a Keno-style game that is played on a large board displaying the numbers 1 to 80. In a hidden basket or hopper are balls also numbered 1 to 80, which are randomly drawn per game and you pick up to ten balls to accumulate as many matching hits as possible.

Each hit or match is multiplied for a possible winning total. The more balls picked the higher the multiplier possibilities, but obviously the smaller your chances of hitting a full match up.

Super Bonus Bingo Description

Super Bonus Bingo online is a game where between two and ten balls, with random numbers on them are selected and need to be matched to your pre-chosen group of numbers.

You begin by pressing New Game in the bottom right of the screen, then select the size of your stake by using the +/- icons in the bottom left. You can bet from 0.05 coins a game and up to 40 coins per round.

Once you’ve chosen your numbers just click the green ‘Play’ button in the bottom right hand corner and the 20 random balls will be drawn from the hopper. Each will be marked off on the numbers above with any matching numbers marked in gold.

If the balls match the required numbers from your selection you are a winner!

The pay-table displays the potential payout for each option; for example picking and matching 2 numbers will pay 16x your stake while picking and matching all 10 will pay a massive 10000x.

When one game is over, you simply have to touch New Game again, then you can either repeat your bet or clear it to start afresh.

Super Bonus Bingo Features

Super Bonus Bingo gives bingo lovers a few extra options. As you pick your numbered ball choices the pay-tables at the top of the screen light up to show which picks could equal which multipliers. These give an indication of possible stake multiplies if you do hit a match up.

At the end of the initial twenty ball draw you are given the opportunity to play a bonus game if you have hit enough matches to place you in a position marked in white on the pay-table.

This added feature also gives you the chance to place another bet after the balls have been drawn in order to have more chances to win.

If you fancy playing super- fast then switch on the turbo feature that will leave you a little dizzy!

You can always try out the game by playing the online bingo no deposit required demo mode to get a feel for it. Once you have the hang of the game then go ahead and place your real money stakes.


Super Bonus Bingo is a quick-fire game that can be enjoyed at any level. The actual game play doesn’t require skill but certainly does require nerves of steel!

On first glance Super Bonus Bingo looks a little complicated, but bear with the game because it quickly becomes an obsession!