The two main variations of the game though are 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo.

The 75-ball game, popular in the USA, has cards with grids that contain five columns and five rows, for a total of 25 squares.

The square in the center is “free”, which is marked with a start. There is a total of 5 prizes to be won, one for each additional line, culminating with the full house. In 75 ball bingo, the first line can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical and all following lines must be horizontal.

The 90-ball version takes a little longer to play and is well loved by UK players.

90 ball bingo is played with 9x3 tickets where prizes are awarded solely on horizontal lines and there are only three possible prizes. The game cards used each contain 15 numbers. There are five numbers in each one of the three rows on the card, spread randomly across nine columns.

Typically the first round is won by the first player to mark off a complete horizontal line. That player wins a prize. The second round is then won by the first player to mark two complete horizontal lines, who also wins a prize. Usually this is a little larger than the prize for winning the first round. The third round is then won by the player who marks of all their numbers first. They will win the largest prize.

An additional type of game, not quite as popular, but nevertheless found widely, is the 80-ball bingo.

It is played using game cards containing a grid four squares by four squares, with one number in each grid square for a total of 16 numbers.

In some 80 ball bingo games you can win prizes for completing one line, two lines, three lines and of course the full house.

Online Bingo play has opened up the world of the game to all sorts of new designs and innovations based upon the basic games.

So today you can play varieties of speed play with 30 Ball Mini Bingo and mouth dropping variants of all the basic games such as Pattern Bingo, Coverall or Blackout, Money Ball and Bonanza Bingo.

Progressive Bingo Play

If you want to up the ante and the excitement factor then there are multiple options to play Progressive and Tournament style bingo and get into bigger and better pools of prizes.

Progressive Bingo jackpots are the biggest jackpots around, as they keep on rising as more and more people play the game.

But how do these progressive jackpots work? Well, different games have different rules, however it’s generally the case that you’ll need to get a specific pattern on your bingo card, and within a certain number of balls being called. Manage to do this, and you could win a prize worth thousands of pounds!

Free Online Bingo Game Play

You can play online bingo games free on numerous online casino and bingo sites.

Nearly all types of bingo can be played on rel money sites, with play money,  without having to risk losing any of their own cash.

Some sites even allow bingo games free play before you’ve signed up with them. This makes for great practice play to try before you buy!

Another super way to enjoy bingo games to play for free, is via the many promotions on offer at bingo sites. Just as casino players get free spins, bingo players will often be given free tickets to games when they join up.

These tickets can then be used at specific games, and it is often the case that money can be won when playing. The type of game that a ticket can be used at depends on the site in question.

In the competitive world of online Bingo many sites will offer a no deposit required bonus simply for joining up.

The no deposit bonuses can encompass free tickets or cards to play specific games, or in the form of free cash, which you can then use at any of the different variations of bingo offered at a site.

Additionally there are numerous online sites and apps offering Bingo play just for fun. Social media has also had an influence on online bingo. We now have Facebook Bingo Apps which allow play with friends across the world.

The virtual stakes are made with fun coins and the wins are also in fun tokens.

The play is still exciting and the social interaction is very much part of the action, but there are no risky stakes involved.


Whether you prefer to play your Bingo as a completely free, no risk game fun game, or bankroll some real money stakes, the game play should always be exciting and entertaining.

Online Bingo sites are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, each offering multiple variants of the game, copious prizes and plenty of complimentary free play.

Be sure to get involved with the chat rooms, learn the special in play Bingo lingo and most importantly have fun!