The Lowdown on Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular and exciting online games around today. It is played by millions of Bingo lovers across the globe and has reinvented itself as an online bonanza of popular entertainment.

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Why is Bingo So Much Fun?

Bingo is an interesting game of numbers that is played and enjoyed all over the world and has its origins back in 16th century Italy.

It was mainstream acceptance of Bingo play within the United States in the late 19th century that created a steep rise in its popularity and the game was standardized by the Pennsylvanian Hugh J Ward, who wrote the first rule book of Bingo in the early 1920s.

Bingo developed into a hugely popular communal past time, with land-based halls established across the USA and Europe, offering a heady mix of socially acceptable gambling, together with enjoyable social interaction and the exciting possibility of winning real prizes.

Online Bingo play requires very little strategy and the combination of competitive social interaction and equal winning opportunities is both fun and stimulating.

It is the very simplicity of the gameplay that is so thrilling. After all, you never know what number is going to be called next and the fun factor raises itself to the next level when you only have one number remaining before a winning pattern is completed!

At its most straightforward, Bingo is a number elimination game with the aim to mark off every number or symbol on pre-numbered cards or sets.

In return for a stake, each player receives a set or card with a random arrangement of numbers. The player marks off the numbers in his set against numbers which are selected at random and announced by a caller. A player wins by completing a line, multiple lines, or a full house (all the numbers in their set) more quickly than other players.

A win is only validated when a completed set is announced by calling Bingo! Adrenaline rules the moment!

Playing Bingo Online, Anytime, Anywhere

Bingo has continued to develop as a game and pastime .The onset of internet gaming created a shift from community bingo halls to individuals playing Bingo online, and in multiple formats.

Since 1996 this popular game has emerged as a top online choice for those loving the traditional Bingo format, but who wish to play from the comfort and privacy of home or grab a few games whilst on the go, via a mobile device. Social media has become a powerful communication tool for Bingo brands to interact with their customers adding a whole new dimension to the scene.

The fun element with online play is that although you are playing as an individual against a computer generated number caller, there is still that strong element of social interaction and connection.

Online Bingo sites give you plenty of opportunity to play against other online participants, join chat rooms, forums and maintain the socially interactive aspect of play.

The online game play is easy, as cards are simply marked with the click of the mouse. Once a card matches or covers the required pattern, you can excitingly click the “Bingo” button!

There are endless possibilities of bingo and bingo-related games on the Internet, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These include online bingo for money and real money prizes and the multiple options for online bingo for free play and virtual prizes.

Types Of Bingo Game Play

There are many types of bingo, but the main three types to be found online are 90 ball, 75 ball and 80 ball bingo.

In the 90 ball variety, there are usually three rounds to this game; one line, 2 lines, and full house. A one line prize is when a player marks off one horizontal line, the 2 line prize is given when a bingo player completes two full horizontal lines, and the full house prize is given when a player eliminates all numbers on a bingo ticket.

75 ball bingo is another bingo game type that originated from the USA. It is now incredibly popular with online bingo sites. The game is really straight forward, you are given a pattern, these range from letters of the alphabet, numbers, heart shapes and the coverall - a game that requires the covering of all of the numbers. The player who completes the pattern on their bingo ticket first is the bingo winner.

80 ball bingo is also widely played within the online bingo industry. There are four vertical columns of four numbers, with each column having its own color; red, blue, yellow and white. Sometimes, an 80 ball game is played with one round (completing an entire board) but it is also played in columns and lines, a lot like 90 ball bingo.

Enjoy Free Play Bingo!

Sometimes the best fun is for free and this is never truer than with playing bingo for free.

Bingo is a fast and interactive game and these elements are not affected by whether you are playing with real money or an online bingo free game.

There are hundreds of online bingo sites in existence to choose from. The vast majority of top online bingo sites offer an option for playing bingo for fun.

If you take advantage of this opportunity you will be able to try out the site and see how it runs.

You’ll be able to run through site navigation, design, check out  the different Bingo game options and target any special features on offer before you commit to downloading software or depositing money.

In addition there are amazing online bingo sites that only offer online bingo game free play for virtual money and prizes.

Here are a few hot Bingo sites that include plenty of free play and are available for both desk top and optimized mobile versions.

Sin Street Bingo

Sin Street Bingo is a fun and quirky site with lots on offer. The promotions are lucrative and interesting. The selection of bingo games on offer are impressive with an excellent mix of real money stakes and free to play games. So if you are looking for a slightly different bingo experience, be a sinner and come to this site!

Caesars Bingo

Caesars Bingo is highly recommended for those who want to experience the luxury of Las Vegas online. The site offers 75 and 90 ball Bingo games with both real money and free-to-play choices that are classy and vibrant.

Foxy Bingo

The action-packed Foxy Bingo offers bingo gaming that will suit every taste and size of wallet. The site delivers free bingo in the 'Love Me Tender' and 'Foxy's Den' rooms every Monday to Friday. These are some of the best free bingo games online and can be played between 12pm and 2pm and 8pm to 10pm. 

DoubleU Bingo

This is a superb free-to-play Bingo app that adds a whole new dimension to playing Bingo with immersive social interaction. The app emphasizes community with their Facebook connection plus an array of Bingo features and innovative game modes that promise to keep you entertained.