Live streaming services allow you to watch your favorite sport and bet at the same time

Sports betting has long had the reputation of something that people do at the corner betting shop, among friends at a bar or in a murky back alley with underworld figures in a hush-hush atmosphere. Today however, there's a new type of streaming service that is becoming popular among sports bettors.

Streaming betting services provide live sports coverage which enable bettors to watch the events, hear the commentators’ analyses and place their bets all on the same platform - much like our online no deposit bonus casino players can play a variety of online casino games all on one platform.

The number of betting sites that stream live races and sports is growing. These new services accept wagers and then  give the bettor the chance to click in and watch to monitor how the wager is progressing. The services stream on any Internet-connected device  to allow sports fans to bet before the game or in-game.

There are presently only a few streaming services that include an online bookmaker platform but the number is growing. Some sites require minimum bets while others have no minimum.

There are options to open multiple accounts to take advantage of the different prices odds being given or you can stream coverage on one site and place your bet elsewhere. There are special suggested betting strategies for placing a wager with a streaming service which should be reviewed.

Some of the most important points about these streaming bookmaking services include:

Getting Set Up

It’s relatively easy to get set up with a live streaming-betting site. If you’re watching on a desktop you should have a HTML5-based system with a flash plugin but little else is needed. If you don’t have the flash the system will prompt you to download the plugin which takes only a few minutes.

You also have the option to stream through the service’s mobile app on your phone or tablet. Once the app is downloaded you can start streaming immediately. Many devices support streaming directly through the mobile site  Requirements for mobile streaming include a 512.kb bandwith and a 3G / 4G Internet connection.


Most sports can be found on a streaming service through some, like Premier League Football which has exclusive TV rights is not included.

Online streams generally have a delay of approximately 30 seconds. This is not necessarily an issue of technology but rather of making sure that bettors don’t get the information before the bookmaker. In-play bets involve an additional time delay. For that reason, it’s suggested that viewers turn off the commentary so that they don’t hear comments made about a play that occurs before the live stream shows it.


One of the biggest advantages of betting via a streaming service is that you have more opportunity to get a feel for the overall trend – how the game is going.  That will make it easier for you to assess how you should place your bets, especially if you’re going for in-play bets.

As in any sporting event, if you haven’t decided how to bet yet, watching the game will be more stressful.  But if you’ve already decided on the wagers that you intend to place, you can sit back and enjoy the action without worrying about any decisions.

Once you open an account you won’t need to place a bet on the actual event as long as you have a positive account balance/you’ve placed a wager sometime in the last 24 hours – the streaming site will allow you to stream for free.

Waiting until the last minute to place a bet isn’t a good idea. You might face a situation when the market is suspended if there’s an especially tense situation happening on the field/court. Also, don’t forget that the streaming is delayed so what you’re seeing on the live stream actually occurred 10-20 seconds ago.

If you want to wait just a few extra seconds, get your bet slip ready with the line that you want and your wager amount. When it’s time, click “bet”, accept any odds changes and you’ll get your bet in on time. Live streaming combines well with the cash-out function since you can cash in your bets at any moment.

Wave of the Future

Sports betting sites are continuing to evolve and the live streaming feature is just one more element that is taking hold in the industry. Sportsbooks are adding a variety of new features to their offerings and that’s making sports betting more versatile and more secure than ever.  Some of the new features include:

eSports Betting

eSports involves the competitions of video gaming teams that compete against each other using digital engagement. The 2020 pandemic created a situation in which esports, where players and fans can watch and participate completely online, offered sports enthusiasts a pandemic-friendly sports experience. Now many analysts are saying that within a few years esports may become the most popular kind of sport around the world. eSports generated $15 billion in 2020 and the numbers are on an upward trajectory.

Fans love to watch their favorite players and teams compete but, as the sportsbooks begin to pay attention, they are beginning to understand the added attraction of betting on the games. More and more sportsbooks are introducing esports wagering options and esports enthusiasts and new esports viewers are responding with significant expenditures in esports bets.

Micro Betting

Keep your eye out for micro-betting opportunities where you can wager on even the smallest elements of the game. The micro-bets are an extension of prop bets but they take the concept to the next level in bets on what each team, each player and even each referee might do next.

Micro-bets are facilitated by advancements to machine learning which allows sports betting technology to facilitate such wagers. As live betting expands throughout the live-in-stadium and live-streaming action, micro-betting will expand as well.

Player Tracking

Player tracking takes sports updates to the next level. Sportsbooks and fantasy sports sites will soon begin to provide live data about players 24/7 including fitness tracking, injury data, etc.

Payment Platforms

Sportsbooks are making an effort to expand the payment platforms to ensure that all bettors have an entire range of secure options from which to choose for safe payment deposits and win withdrawals. Many sportsbooks have already adopted cybercurrency payment options along with wire transfers, ebanks and other online currency transfer possibilities.

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