Easybet is devoted to the many possibilities in sports betting.  You can place sports bets online or at a land based sports betting room.  We forcefully advocate for online sports betting.  You save a lot of money not travelling to a land based sports betting room. 

This does two things.  First, it leaves more money for sports bets or money that you can put towards many other fun and interesting activities.  It also frees up your time.  And since most people who travel to land based casinos do so on a long weekend, placing your sports bets online allows you to do other things with your weekend.

Have a Healthy and Sporty Weekend

In the spirit of sports betting, we thought it appropriate to offer an article on some sporty ways we might spend a weekend, be it a regular Friday to Sunday weekend or a long weekend.  Here are our choices in no specific order.  Which sporty activity you like the most or is most conducive to where you live and the weather is really all up to you.

Hiking Gets the Blood Flow Going

There is a big difference between hiking and taking a walk.  Most people who get their exercise walking in town would never say that they had been hiking no matter how fast they walked.

Hiking is more the act of walking in nature.  This means walking in the mountains or in a forested area.  It usually involves walking on unpaved and uneven surfaces.  Hiking requires very strong and durable shoes because the wear and rear of hiking is far greater than the wear and tear of just walking.

Most areas have state and local parks where hiking trails are signed so you can’t get lost.  In the United States most state parks have several hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult and varying greatly in length as well.

When you go hiking be sure to have enough insect repellant with you.  Nothing ruins a great outdoor excursion more than uncontrollable insects.  You will also need lots of water.  With regard to water, it is much better to take too much than to take too little.

Since water is so heavy, you will want your food to be light and compact.  Dried fruit and nuts are the perfect hiking foods.

Bird Watching

This is the “sedentary” alternative to hiking.  Of course, you can watch the birds from a chair if you find an excellent location.  For the most part, however, bird watchers move around.  They don’t hike exactly but they might walk more or less casually in a migrating bird stop off point or seasonal sanctuary.

So, for bird watching you’ll also need very strong shoes and a very good pair of binoculars.  Really good field glasses are expensive but if you love watching the birds soar above in the synchronization that seems to defy nature, a good pair of binoculars is a must.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

This is the quintessential small town family activity for a lazy weekend afternoon.  You can fly a kite in any park or open area, even in New York City!  All you really need is a kite.  Here, again, there are kiddy kites that will barely last a season and more hefty kites that can stand the test of time.

The kids love to fly their kites.  They love to see the kites soar in patterns determined by haphazard wind gusts.  The kids also love being with mom and dad or aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa.  To top off the activity, a little barbequed hot dogs and ice cream for dessert make for a fine weekend activity far from the land based casino!

If you want to do a little casino gaming later, your online casino is always there!  Those pesky land based casinos may be open all the time but you aren’t in their cities all the time!

Water Sports

There are a number of fun water sports.  You can choose one or try your hands and feet at all of them.  One of the most popular sports in the world that requires little muscle and even less dexterity is fishing.  You need to know how to bait a hook, toss the line, and then reel in the fish.

The biggest challenge for many weekend fisherpersons is the scaling and disemboweling of the fish.  After that’s done the frying is a piece of cake, although we recommend saving the cake for a well-deserved dessert!

Boating and Water Skiing

In northern climes, many countries boast thousands of lakes.  They are not Great Lakes sized lakes!  But most of them are perfect for water skiing.  This is a sport that is massively fun to do and literally takes about five seconds to learn to do well.

It is harder to steer the boat than to ski on the water!

Lounging at the Beach

Lounging at the beach is not a sports activity.  Beachcombing is.  And walking up and down the beach is a great way to leisurely get some exercise.  Of course, you can also go swimming and if the waves are high enough, you could take out your old surfboard and ride a few.

Every activity has its must have equipment.  For spending time at the beach, sun screen is the essential ingredient for a fun time before, during, and especially after.

Ball Sports

We have covered a lot of sports activities but we haven’t mentioned the tried and true ball sports.  If you love hoops or baseball, a weekend playing these great games is a lot better than struggling to stay ahead of the house at a land based casino.

In the cooler weather, you might play American football, Canadian football, Australian football, or just plain old football, aka soccer!

We would like to add two ball sports that don’t exactly use a ball: ice hockey and curling.   Ice hockey can be a bit violent so find a game with non-violent players.  There is no violence in curling except for the ferocious sweeping players do to the ice with their brooms!

Ice Capades

We will finish with two ice-bound sports.  The first is the obvious one: ice skating.  In the very cold climes you can skate outdoors.  In Ottawa, Ontario the Rideau River freezes every year and people go out and skate.  Monday to Friday, many people skate to work!

The second ice-bound sport that makes for a perfect long weekend event is the redoubtable ice fishing.  To paraphrase Neil Diamond's Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show:  Pitch a ragged tent,  Where there aint no trees.

Ice fishing recalls the comment a Russian emigre once said to his English teacher when the teacher wanted him to explain fishing as a part of the conversational side of an English lesson.

The teacher asked: “What do you do when you go fishing?”

The student answered: “We pour and we drink.”

He was referring to vodka naturally.  This brings us almost full circle.  Online casino gaming is superior to land based gaming in many respects not the least of which is that online you won’t be asked by a sexy cocktail waitress if you want another free drink.

When we play online casino games, we play.  Afterwards we can pour and drink!

Easy Bet Casino wishes you excellent online gaming and lots of sporty fun over the weekend!

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