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Sports betting enthusiasts now have a new payment solution that gives them a secure, private and efficient sports betting payment option Bettors can use the Flexepin tool to make secure deposits into their sports betting account and withdraw their winnings for subsequent use at their leisure.

The Flexepin evoucher card can be purchased on-site or online and gives you the chance to place sports bets on your PC or mobile device at your convenience.

How Flexepin Makes Sports Betting Easier

Flexepin was developed to give sports betters access to an easy payment solution for all of their wagering needs. The Internet banking solution delivers a convenient tool that makes it easier to make deposits withdraw winning payouts.

The Flexepin evoucher enables you to move funds to and from your Flexepin card within minutes on your PC or mobile device.  When you make transfers through Flexepin you’ll be able to easily transfer funds without alerting any third party. No one else needs to know the origin of your funds or how you’re using that money.

All sports betting activities conducted with the Flexepin casino voucher code are 100% confidential. The privacy protections come with all of the amenities that you receive with any traditional card-based or bank-based transactions. Could Flexepin be the right payment method for you? Check it out.

Start Betting

To use Flexepin as your sports betting payment tool, you need to open an account and load your evoucher card. You can do this either online or on-site. Register for Flexepin online by signing up for the TopMeUp service on the site.

Submit your name and address and attach a JPG or a PDF file of a government-issued photo ID (passport, national ID, driver’s license, etc).  Choose a unique password and then, as soon as your account is authorized (this takes approximately one business day) you can fill your account in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 150, 250 or 500 Australian dollars. The balance will display in the currency of your choice – GBP, CAD or EUR.  

Flexespin evoucher cards are also available for on-site puchases at the website, or at,,, and  You can pay for your order at any of the sites listed under Sales Outlet Finder on the Flexepin site. They include Mastercard and Visa debit/credit cards, eTransfer, PayPal, China Unionpay, Bitcoin, AMEX, CashU, WeChat Pay, JCB, Maestro, NeCard and Phone Payment.  

Flexepin is extremely popular in Canada and is favored by a large percentage of Canadian sports bettors. Canadians can load up their Flexepin card at the Canadian post office by showing the post office clerk the QR code that was sent upon registration.  

To play casino games for real money with the Flexepin evoucher card:

  1. Register for Flexepin.
  2. Load your Flexepin card with the amount of funds that you wish.
  3. Log into your sportsbook account.
  4. Make your bet. When you’re asked to confirm your ebanking institution, click “Flexepin”.
  5. Indicate the amount of money that you want to place as a wager. That money will be deducted  from your Flexepin voucher card.
  6. When you withdraw your payouts, those funds will be added onto your Flexepin card. You can then use those funds for future purchases of goods and services at any Flexepin-approved vendor, anywhere in the world.
  7. Remember that the Flexepin card is like cash. Don’t give out your authorization code to any third party or to any website that doesn’t have a security lock symbol on the lefthand side of the address bar (which indicates that it’s a secure site). Flexepin transfers funds ONLY through such a site’s payment form and NEVER through a request for information via email, text or phone.

Why Flexepin?

Sports bettors are choosing Flexepin for three main reasons.

  1. It’s easy to buy, easy to use to make payments and easy to use to collect payouts.
  2. It’s secure and private. The tool is encrypted so that the funds that have been loaded on the card can only be used when confirmed by the user’s unique validation code. You can use the funds as you wish with no information being provided to any third party. 

    The highest value that can be loaded on the card is 500 dollars AUD which means that, even if you do accidently give your personal code to someone and they use the card, they can never access more than the amount that you’ve loaded onto the card, with the maximum amount being 500 dollars AUD.
  3. It allows you to budget your money. You can’t exceed the amount of money that you’ve loaded onto your card. So even if you feel like continuing to bet beyond your self-imposed gambling budget, you won’t be able to do so.  

    The card can’t be reloaded so you’ll have to wait until you buy a new Flexepin card with additional money that you’ve budgeted for your sports betting activities before you can place additional bets.

What Do you Get?

Making online payments is nothing new. People have been transferring funds online for more than 2 decades. But with Flexepin, you have something new – more flexibility, more convenience and more privacy.

Flexepin gives sports bettors everything that they need to transfer payments at their convenience. Once a user opens an account and receives an authorization code he can make deposits and withdrawals whenever and from wherever he wants.

Transfers can be effected via computer or mobile device. Flexepin is supported by thousands of merchants from around the world so users can place wagers and user the resulting  payouts to purchase a wide range  goods and services anywhere in the world.  

The world’s top sportsbooks accept Flexepin payments. Sign up and you’ll see how easy it is to use Flexepin for all of your sports betting events.

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