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Can California Legalize Sports Betting?

A proposal to amend the state constitution in California died in the state legislature, one day before the legislation was to be put up for a pivotal vote. If passed, SCA 6 would have made it legal for California residents to bet legally on sporting events. But the state’s gaming tribes were successful in forcing the bill’s author, Sen. Bill Dodd, to withdraw the bill. Now the question of if and when legal sports betting will ever come to California is, once again, open.


How to Spend the Weekend in a Sporty Way

Easybet is devoted to the many possibilities in sports betting.  You can place sports bets online or at a land based sports betting room.  We forcefully advocate for online sports betting.  You save a lot of money not travelling to a land based sports betting room.


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What Should Beginning Sports Bettors Know before Placing a Sports Bet?

It has certainly been a long time since we could immerse ourselves in spectator sports.  As sports slowly come back, so will the ubiquitous sportbet.  We will still be able to place a “sports bet” on political elections, Hollywood and Bollywood, and many other fun betting choices.  What we no longer will have to think about betting on is the weather and all of the other silly things people bet on during the hiatus in real sports activity because of the virus crisis.


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Yahoo Sports and MGM Enter Sports Betting Partnership

Over the last year and a half, multiple sporting firms have entered into collaborations. They include partnerships between betting operators, leagues, teams, media outlets and data suppliers. Now Yahoo Sports, one of the biggest dedicated sports media outlets, is preparing to partner with a Vegas giant to make betting on sporting events – including sporting events that are in progress – easier and more accessible.


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Legalized Sports Betting Comes to Colorado

Celebrations for legalized sports betting in Colorado, which finally passed in April, were muted due to the cancellation of almost all sporting events. Yet sports betting enthusiasts were optimistic that, once sports returns to Colorado, fans will be able to enjoy a more participatory role by being able to wager on their favorite teams and players.


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Flexepin Sports Betting eBanking Option

Sports betting enthusiasts now have a new payment solution that gives them a secure, private and efficient sports betting payment option Bettors can use the Flexepin tool to make secure deposits into their sports betting account and withdraw their winnings for subsequent use at their leisure.


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Sports Betting Takes March Madness to New Levels

March Madness, the traditional period of college basketball tournament playoffs, will be accompanied by sports betting for the second year in many U.S. states. In May 2018 the Supreme Court ruled that sports betting was legal in states that legislated for it in their jurisdictions. This is the second March in which NCAA fans can bet on the playoffs and the excitement has been building as new states join the action.


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Sports Leagues Selling Data

The big leagues are now selling their official data to gambling companies as they create new products on which bettors can wager. 


Big Increases Expected for Super Bowl 54 Betting

Last year was the first year that people could bet legally on sports in states outside of Nevada.  This year the upsurge in states that have legalized sports betting means that sports fans in 14 states will have the chance to place wagers on the February 2nd Super Bowl Game.


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Gambling Tribes in California Decide to Promote Vegas Casino Sports Betting, Despite Reservations

California gambling tribes have made the choice to support a sports betting ballot initiative that would amend the state constitution to allow for sports betting at licensed racetracks and in tribal casinos. This, despite the fact that they are wary of the referendum’s passage, which could put sports betting online.