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We Make Online Casino Gambling Easy at EasyBet

Our goal here at EasyBet Casino is to make your online gambling experience fun, rewarding, and easy. We do that by providing you with a wealth of objective, accurate, and up-to-date information about the online casinos and their games, their bonuses, and their attractions. We'll let you know what the casinos offer, and what you have to do to qualify.

Our online casino reviews give you the facts, all the facts, on what's new at all the most popular online casinos - over 100 of them - so you're always sure to be in the know.

We'll provide tutorials on how to play the casino games, along with recommended strategies and tip to win. Whether you're a newcomer about to place your first bet or an experienced online gambler, you'll find that it's easy to bet in the casino with EasyBet on your side.

Online Poker and Video Poker

Online poker and video poker come in dozens of variations, from 3-card poker to 5-card stud to 7-card draw along with other great games like Texas Hold 'em, Poker Ride, and Bonus Pai Gow Poker. We have it all covered: the games, the terms, the rules, the strategies. Becoming a poker shark is easier than you think with EasyBet.

Online Blackjack

It's the classic casino card game of 21. It takes a bit of luck and a bit of strategy - mix 'em together to beat the dealer to 21 and you're an online blackjack winner. We'll show you all the variations of this classic game along with some great tips to win.

Online Slots

Online slots come in hundreds of sizes, colours, and styles. Here are just a few of the choices you'll find here at EasyBet:

  • 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, and fruity slots
  • Set payline slots and Ways-to-Win slots
  • Giant progressive jackpot slots
  • Multi-player slots
  • Themed slots: movies, history, romance, super-natural, futuristic, super heroes, and much much more
  • Slots with fun-filled features such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, multipliers, bonus games, free spins, nudge, and more


EasyBet explains all the fancy jargon and makes it easy to spin the reels and have fun with online slots.

Online Roulette

The roulette wheel has always been recognized as the universal symbol of sophisticated real-money casino gambling, and online roulette continues the tradition. We'll steer you to the best online roulette casinos, the best online roulette games, and the best online roulette betting strategies. See why roulette is the king of casino games.

Sports Betting

OK, sports fans, it's time to put all that sporting knowledge to good use with real-money sports betting. Football, basketball, tennis, golf, and lots more: we'll use our smarts to find the best sites with the best odds, and you use yours to pick the winners and take home the money. Read more

Lotto and Lottery

Have fun with lucky numbers. They can come from your birthday, your phone number, or from thin air, but everybody has lucky numbers. Put yours to work at lucky-number lotto and lottery games. They're always fun and easy and, if your lucky numbers are really lucky enough, they can pay off big time! We'll help you find the best lotto and lottery sites for your lucky numbers. Read more


Remember the olde bingo halls of yore? Large smokey rooms with large smokey spinsters playing their bingo cards. Well, no more! In this day and age, we take our laptop, or phone or tablet into bed, cozy under the covers and play bingo online. Or take out our phone for a few quick games while commuting to work, or waiting for the doctor, work with the kids at the park....you get the idea. There are plenty of online bingo rooms to choose from and here, at EasyBet we've done the work for you and reviewed them all. Check out our bingo reviews and recommendations and choose the best room for you. There is every game imaginable available and at all stakes, high or low. And check out the interactive aspect of the games where you chat with other players on the same game. It really does make for some good fun! Read more

Online vs Land-based Casinos

Here, at EasyBet, we give you all the low-down on online gaming - casinos, poker, lottery, bingo and sports. But what if you really want to step out and enjoy a land-based casino? We've got that too! We've compared the pros and cons, ins and outs of online casinos vs land-based casinos. But we didn't stop there - check out our reviews of the best UK land-based casinos we feel are definitely worth the visit, if that's what you're looking for.

EasyBet News

There's always something new going on in the world of gaming. To keep up-to-date, be sure to check our EasyBet blog frequently. Here we'll be posting our take on all the news affecting our industry. We'll cover the movers and shakers, the acquisitions, the legislations, the latest games and promotions, the newest casinos and sites, and more and more and more. Read our EasyBet News here to stay in the know. Read more

Use Your Head, Bet Wisely, and Have Fun!

Online casino gambling is great fun any place, any time of day or night. But like all good things, it is best used in moderation. You can win big jackpots online, but it's also possible to lose, so be prepared for that. Stay within your budget. Don't gamble with the rent money. Use your head and bet wisely, and you can have a ball playing terrific online casino games for real money. EasyBet makes it easy.

Our Mission

Our mission here at EasyBet is to provide you with the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available so that you can choose the best online casino, sports betting site, or lottery site for you. One that suits your needs the best. We’ll include site reviews, game reviews, legalities, news-worthy issues, and more. And this can be individualized just for you, so you’re not inundated with info you don’t need, but get just the info important to you. Join us on this mission!